Accounting and Assurance

Technological advances, entrepreneurial growth, and changing economic values have dramatically influenced business management. Today, each business is unique and requires financial solutions…

Management Advisory Services

Assistance with auditing and tax procedures may represent only a small portion of the financial and professional services a business may need to maintain or improve business organization and stimulate growth.

Tax Services

The axiom, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, never applied to our nation’s tax laws. Each year we are confronted with countless new “fixes” to tax laws that are growing increasingly and continually more complex.

Evans Mehlhorn & Miller PC

The primary purpose of any business is to deliver a product or service to its customers and clients. At Evans Mehlhorn & Miller PC, solutions are our product. Our primary goal continues to be to deliver personalized, high-quality, and timely solutions to the business and professional community.

Our Philosophy

Evans Mehlhorn & Miller PC was founded because we share your dreams. We wanted to take our vision of a dynamic, creative firm providing competent financial services to entrepreneurial companies and individuals and make it grow. Today, we have become a certified public accounting firm serving businesses throughout the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

The cornerstone of any professional services firm is service. Service goes beyond making sure that the numbers on your balance sheet match the numbers in your records. It means providing you with the information you need to succeed. It means being available when you need us, returning your call and doing whatever it takes to solve your problems, not just in extreme situations, but as a matter of course.